Update 5# (Valhalla MMO)

Hi all!

A new update including some new things and quality of life just dropped, dig in!


Added anti cheat to server

This is a big change so please let me know if you notice anything unusual or if anything is prevented so I know to change it in future, thanks!

Added support for players from 1.19 to 1.19.4 to join

Replace Auction house

Replaced old vouchers

Modified starter kit

Wither pet price increased to 100,000$

Party chat not showing in discord logs now

Show item globally (/showitem –all)

Changed hopper tick speed

Added WildChests (sell chests, collector chests, etc)

Changed rates for epic and legendary crates from /vote

Added a bit more tutorial area /warp info

EliteMobs prestige and guild rank added to chat

Added items for leveling up certain skills

Added per race kits (only for new players)

Finalized server store and all items are added

5 sec invulnerability on join added

Added stacker for spawners, entities and mobs

Fixed Ender Dragon drops to drop crates correctly

Added Sell wands and added to all crates (3 tiers)

Changed spawners plugin

Fixed /ah dupe issue

That is all for now, more to come in feature so stay tuned and happy surviving!

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