Update 4# (Valhalla MMO)

Hi all!

A new update including new races has been added, read more bellow!

6 new races added

Yes, you heard it right, 6 new races have been added. Those are:

  • Orc
  • Goblin
  • Night elf
  • Blood elf
  • Undead
  • Aurin

You can check out races and what they do via in game race change orb (it will be added via kit and everyone will have access to it once) or by scrolling at the bottom of this post where all races and their buffs will be listed.

Added special shop

Added special shop, this will be a shop that includes rank vouchers for Trusted, Member and Donator 1 rank! Yes you heard it right here first, a Donator 1 will be purchasable via in game money but it wont come cheap so get those farms going and those shops selling!

Added Unbind scrolls

Unbind scrolls are added to Special shop, they are priced $30,000 in game money. You might be asking, but WHY A2, WHY such high price? Answer is simple, those scrolls can easily tip the balance of gear users can get, for example a high level dungeon player can just farm a lot of high level gear and power level players instantly by unbinding that gear from him. Those prices might be adjusted in future if the scrolls become too easy to obtain via in game money to further balance out the server.

Added plot renting, leasing and selling

Now you can rent, lease or sell your claims to other players. This can be good if you want to earn even more passive money from your AFK farm by allowing other users to rent out your claim (it would be advised to either create separate claims OR create sub-claims inside claims which players can rent to prevent item stealing, if you rent/lease your personal claim it is on your own responsibility and any items stolen wont be returned).

  • To sell a claim type this into sign [sell]
  • To rent a claim type this into sign [rent]
  • To lease a claim type this into sign [lease]

Note that there are differences between those options:

Sell option SELLS your WHOLE claim to the buyer, in other words you WILL loose access to it without refunds so do this if you for example are a builder and want to sell houses to other players where upon sale you give them full ownership over claim.

1st> [sell]
2nd> price of claim

Renting a claim basically lets uses modify you claim for X amount of days specified (default 1 day) but you can also a add your own custom time and price by adding price in 2nd line on the sign and on 3rd line you specify the time, for example 1 week or if you want less you for example 1 day you add “1 day” there.

1st> [rent]
2nd> rent price
3rd> rent duration

Leasing a claim is similar to renting BUT with a difference, after X amount of rents paid by the users they BECOME the owner of that claim, so use this with a caution and if you want to lease the claims and let it belong to other users after

1st> [lease]
2nd> payments needed to own a claim
3rd> price of lease
4th> duration of lease

Added skill level rewards

Now on level 25, 50, 75 and 100 you will get legendary crate. Unfortunately system does not work retroactively so this applies to only the skills you yet haven’t reached.

Added AFK tag to TAB

Added more RAM

Changed some minor boss messages

Fixed trinkets overwriting

Fixed being able to exit out of race pick menu

Find the new races bellow and their buffs and weaknesses:

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