Update 3# (Valhalla MMO)

Hi all!

Your favorite time of the week, a server update! This time I focused more on shop redesign and some other changes, like highly requested Sell Wands! Check out the full list bellow and full update logs with explanation on text and what they do on our website.

We are also doing 33% sale on our store for our 3rd update! /buy

Added custom enchants

Added over 200 custom enchants, some of you may already found them and experimented with them but there are there to further your playing experience.

Added sell wands

For those farmers that have tons of chests to sell, sell wands are your thing! There are few tiers of wands with different number of uses, money multiplies (even up to 5x) and some other fun stuff that you can get from normal crates as nearly 99% of things. We are F2P friendly after all, anything donators can have you can have too!

Added epic and legendary crates to vote

This is also amazing change which now introduced more options for players go get better rewards from crates that were previously only obtainable from normal crates at lower chance.

Updated server shop

A whole server shop (/shop) has been updated, introduced decorations, spawners and ranks categories and also added new items to blocks, ores can now be sold in their drop form or in blocks, farming and food has been merged + added new items too as well as drops and tools section.

Primis Adventure update

A whole area of Primis has been updates and now is 90% complete, go bonkers, go explore it, have fun!

Server store updated with new items

This is self explanatory, if you want to check for your self go there with /buy.

Elite mobs update

Whole new system introduced, instead of orbs for upgrades now you upgrade your items with enchant books that drop from elite mobs.

Frost palace and bone monastery update

The dungeons have been updates to drop Elite Books and fixed some issues where bosses would dissapear.

Binder of world dungeon added

Just a new level 200 dungeon added for those who wish to do it. First you need to get to level 200 that is, good luck.

Head crate added

A simple cosmetic head crate added with over 40 heads, there are few food heads, few misc heads and a lot of pet heads which again are just for decoration, they do not have use but looks cool, you can trade them as Pok√©mon’s with other players and collect them all!

Spring crate added

A spring themed crate added, nothing special apart from Rose item you can get which is actually limited item to that crate. For future we plan to introduce seasonal crates with items themed on what event or season is going right now.

Changed auto messages

Simplified a lot of chat messages to take up less chat.

Nether and end will reset monthly

Self explanatory.

Removed menu clock, use /menu now

Yep you heard it here first, menu clock is no more, it has been changed to /menu now (or if you use /help). Drop it, burn in, sink it, do what ever you want, your call.

Donator can use jump pads (/jp)

Amazing feature that lets you move around your basses faster then walking and flying, you can create jump pads with likes the ones at spawn.

Created Shopkeeper video and how to use

You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/vlR5–h8y2s

Next week I plan on working on races and classes + some other things to further enhance server experience.

That is all for now, more to come in feature so stay tuned and happy surviving!

bp-survival.quest (Normal MC)

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