Update 2# (Valhalla MMO)

Removed mob stacking

Removed mob stacking for now, in future it might come back as well as with entity stacker (blocks and items dropped) to reduce lag if players start to mine a lot of blocks for example with TNT and don’t pick up the drops after them.

New sleeping animation

Now when you sleep world slowly changes time instead of instantly changing to day time.

Server warps work from menu

New warps added too and the menu icon and function was fixed, now /warps work too and warps from server warps menu teleport you to correct areas.

Added new ender dragon fight

Ender Dragon always seems a bit lackluster fight, right? So we added a bit of spicy to it where (for now) 2 ender dragons can spawn, normal ender dragon and “special” one. Special one has wither on hit effect and a bit more HP + different color and boss bar color. Normal dragon now spawns too in different glow colors each time he is respawned. You might wonder why this change? Because the new drops were added to Ender dragon fight, you can now get normal, epic and legendary crates (with set % of course) as well as mob spawners + skill, class and race reset items.

Added skill reset potion

Does what the name says, you drink it, you forget all your skills and start fresh. EXP will stay, only your skill points will be reset. Go ham, go crazy with this, you can get it from Voting or Ender dragon fights.

Added skills, race and class orbs to ender dragon

Self explanatory.

Skulls (/skulls) command added to donators

A head database with over 45k+ custom textured heads was added to use at your will and decorate your builds or sell funny heads to players. They can be used in various ways so let your creativity flow.

New items in server store added (WIP)

Just few small changes, added item packs and money if anyone is interested. Money is self explanatory and Item packs will be a weekly kits you can get but for now they are just added to store as a decoration and are not yet in game, of course if you would purchase one I would create it on the spot but for now, if you don’t need to, please don’t buy them.

Donators can now join up to 3 jobs

As well as those ranks bellow now have changed how many jobs they can join.

Player can join 1 job

Trusted can join 2 job

Member can join 3 jobs

Added sign setup to menu

Check server signs from clock menu, you might find those useful and I bet many will find “Disposal” sing most useful.

Recycle command added

A command where you can recycle (most) of the items you don’t need, accessible to all, both players and donators, this is different to disposal as items recycled will be returned in form of their materials and % of materials if for example armor is recycled at half durability.

Added recycle block to crates

Functions same as command but instead is a physical block you can place around the world so you don’t have to type the command each time, can be obtained from normal crate.

Firework liar barriers added

No more will he now fly outside of his arena, no more stressfully waiting on him to come back and reset to full HP, those days are behind you. Go HAM on the Sparky.

Fixed TPS issue (hopefully)

Hopefully, before some listeners for skills plugin were causing issues but we updates those and hopefully fixed the issues we had when 15+ players were online. Only time will tell as no 15+ were online yet since the update.

ChestSort added

Amazing thing, you should try using it if your chests are in a mess, use /chestsort command, it has few additional options too where you can enable quick stack from inventory to chests, sorting inventory, transferring only items with same type to chests, etc.

EliteMobs updates with new content

EliteMobs have been updated and system was changed from smithing scrap into upgrade orbs to enchanting books. Those can be obtained from elite mobs and bosses and used at Enchanter NPC in /ag. The scrap was also changed, now you get tiered scrap where lower tier scrap repairs less and higher tier more.

Fixed spawn stone blocks being infested silverfish

Yeah, none of you knew this and neither did I until I had to find out from where do those spawn silverfish were coming from, they did no harm but was odd to see a elite silverfish in a place where mob spawning is disabled.

Created new spawn area for “N” (new) rank players

Now when you join and this applies to only new players you will be spawned in temporary new spawn where you go trough race pick (removed race pick on join) and after a class pick. Changing your class is still same, you can change from orbs you get in your inventory on join, from kit starter once more, from voting or now even from ender dragon.

That is all for now, more to come in feature so stay tuned and happy surviving!

bp-survival.quest (Normal MC)

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