Update 1# (Valhalla MMO)

Survival server (Valhalla MMO)

Hi all! First announcement under Valhalla MMO tag, a new server update! We need to do it like this since Discord limit is reached with the post count and our updates and explanations are expanding.


I took 1 of your spots and gave you a whole 9 to use! Check menu item and bottom right, you will find a backpack with 9 slots that stay there even on death

Vote fly added

Not a donator or max player rank but want to fly? Well now you can, each vote (8x) gives you 4 mins of fly time! Fly time only wastes when you are using it so you can store it for future or trade it with other players too! Fly speed is set to 50% of fly speed to stop 15 people from generating too much land at once. It is still faster then just walki

Added unbind scrolls to vote (normal) crate

Finally, you can get 1x unbind scroll from normal crate when you vote. Those scroll are OP so that is why you can get them in such limited quantity to prevent huge balance hits to server armor and weapon economy.

Jobs payment buffed

Now jobs provide more money per action, how much I buffed it? I made each job double the value of what it previously gave, so if it was 1 $ it now is 2$, if 10$ then 20$ per action, if 100$ then 200$ per action, etc.

Fishing updated

New fishing update, now when you wish you can get a fish with different sizes and different values! You can buy baits to rise your chances (/uf baitshop) and you can sell your sized fishes (/uf sell or /uf sellall), now fishing apart from job XP and skill XP is also profitable option to earn money.

Border set to 20k (40k)

New world border set to reflect increasing players count on server. We preloaded a good chunk of map for now but aim to preload whole map for no issues with world generation.

Text fixed

Some small announcement and other text fixes

Updated server info

The section #🧾server-info has been updated to reflect new server info.

Added tutorial videos

You can find them in your menus (for ChestShop, Custom crafting and Land claiming) or in #ğŸŽ¥youtube section.

New emojis added to discord

Check them out, there are plenty of them to use for styling your messages.

Fixed donator kit

Now the donator kit has no longer looting 3 on tools that do not use it.

Server store fixed

It was disconnected, now back connected once again.

Pets prices are updates

This one is for donators for now but pet prices are updated.

Changed MOTD

The server list message was changed to a new one.

That is all for now, more to come in feature so stay tuned and happy surviving!

bp-survival.quest (Normal MC)